Midwest Boudoir Experience Empowering Women to realize Beauty knows no age.

Photography it's my passion! I have been taking photographs for over 30 years of family and friends. Now it's my
business. I love making you look really, really good! I'am obsessed with it. Drives my family crazy that I always
have my camera with me. I have documented a lot of precious moments, Weddings, Graduations, Birthday's,
Birth's, Public Events and very private moments, capturing emotion. Tears, laughter, and happiness as it happens
right in front of me. People's lives, captured on a digital megapixel and stored for, well forever. Technology has changed photography, film is out and digital is... awesome!
I'am old school, I still believe in magic and angels and love at first sight. I have a little ritual before every photo shoot, I ask for blessings, that this experience will be one of the best you have ever had, and that I will capture not just your photograph, but your heart, your emotion, your light.

"Confidence, it's the only beauty mark you need".

Becky Dickerson Photographer~Wife~Mother~Glam-ma